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Dunkeldorf Miniatures - A line of characterful townsfolk miniatures for RPGs and Tabletop Games

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Pledge Manager Deadline
about 1 year ago – Sat, Feb 18, 2023 at 02:47:16 AM

Hi everybody!

This will be a short update with some information on the Pledge Manager and where we are with the production! Since we've been very busy lately, we don't have any photos of newly painted miniatures, but hopefully we'll have something new on that front in the next update :D 

The Pledge Manager

Things have been going well with the Pledge Manager. Most surveys are filled out and we now know, more or less, the precise amount of miniatures, accessories and terrain that we need for fulfillment. 

The deadline to fill out the survey is March 5, we'll send out reminders until then. It's not a disaster if you don't fill out the survey before then, but it may end up delaying your pledge being shipped out. Plus, you'll be doing us a favour by completing it before! :)

If you get a reminder about filling out the survey and you've already done so, then it's probably because you have missed the final "Confirmation" step in the process. You can either go back to the Pledge Manager and complete it or send us a message to get it sorted out.

As mentioned in the last update, pledges are locked on a weekly basis, but if you forgot to add something to your pledge, we can manually go back and unlock it, just send us a direct message here on Kickstarter and we'll sort it out :) 

The Production

The wheels are turning and the resin production has begun. Below you can see two pictures, one of the Road Signs set and one of the Notice Board. 

We'll start receiving more and more casts in the weeks and next few months to come, we'll then begin to organize everything in preparation for the fulfillment. Thankfully this is our 4th campaign and we've found a good system for this. Now that we have around 200 individiual Dunkeldorf products, it does take quite a bit of organizing compared to our first campaign!

Our shipping estimate was set to June 2023, but we are hopeful that we may be able to start shipping out in May 2023, but we can't promise anything for certain until more casts have arrived. 

Finally, we haven't posted this picture in an update yet, so here goes! This is what you what you'll be getting if you've gone All-in:

That's it for this time. We'll be back with another update next month! Have a wonderful weekend :)

- Nana & Nicki

IMPORTANT: The Pledge Manager
over 1 year ago – Thu, Jan 12, 2023 at 06:45:39 AM

Hi everybody! 

This update is all about the Pledge Manager and we'll get straight to it!

General Information

  •  We recommend, if possible, that you use a PC, or something other than a smartphone when using the Pledge Manager. There's a lot of add-ons and scrolling through them on a phone screen may be a bit overwhelming. 
  • You can pay with either Credit Card or PayPal in the Pledge Manager. PayPal will be charged instantly. Credit Cards will be charged on a weekly basis, so expect your card to be charged within 7 days after completing the survey. 
  •  If you "Overpledged" during the Kickstarter campaign, you can use the excess funds as credit for add-ons and shipping in the Pledge Manager.
  •  Completed surveys will be locked on a weekly basis, but if you forgot to add something after your survey has been locked, just send us a message and we'll get it sorted out!

If you don't need any guidance with the Pledge Manager, you can go ahead and skip to this part: Going 100% All-in.

The Pledge Manager 

For the Pledge Manager we're using BackerKit as we have done for our 3 previous campaigns. BackerKit uses a "Smoke Test" system, where 5% of backers will first get the survey. This is to catch any potential problems. We will send out the Smoke Test shortly after posting this update. 

The remaining surveys will be sent out tomorrow.  

If you're new to Kickstarter and Pledge Managers, this is what you can do in the Pledge Manager: 

  • Upgrade your Pledge if you wish. 
  • Choose the miniatures for your Pledge
  • Choose any Add-ons you wish. 
  • Type in your shipping information & pay for shipping

Upgrading Your Pledge

Did you miss out on upgrading your pledge during the Kickstarter and wish to do so in the Pledge Manager? Then here's how to do so. It's very easy to miss the option, so this picture hopefully shows it's clearly. 

What you see above should be the very first thing you see when you get to the Pledge Manager. You simply click the "Switch your Pledge Level" link and then this pops up: 

Then you just click on the Pledge you wish to change to and click the Switch button at the bottom, and then you've changed your pledge. 

Remember that the All-in Reward counts as an Early Bird, so you will receive the Feathered Fiend of Dunkeldorf for free if switching to it. 

Choosing Miniatures

After step 1, you get to the "Choosing your Miniatures" step (If you have chosen the All-in Reward, you will be getting all of the miniatures except for the Community Miniatures, and this step will be skipped). 

Here, you simply choose the miniatures you would like for your pledge, please note that the Community Miniatures are not found here, read more about that later in this update. 

Depending on your reward, you get to choose X amount of miniatures. 

  • Copper Reward: 1 Miniature (No Stretch Goals)
  • Silver Reward: 8 Miniatures +2 from Stretch Goals, 10 total. 
  • Gold Reward: 8 Miniatures +4 from Stretch Goals, 12 total. 

Once you have chosen the miniatures you want, you can then head on to the Add-ons section. 

Choosing Add-ons

If you wish to add any Add-ons, this can be done at this stage. You can find everything from the previous Dunkeldorf Kickstarters here as well. 

In case you're unsure what's included in your Pledge, there's an overview on the right side (This may not be the case if you fill out the survey on your phone). You can always double check the list, to make sure that you don't order any duplicates. 

Going 100% All-in

Even if you have chosen the All-in Pledge, you will need to add a few extra things if you want to get EVERYTHING from this campaign. These are: 

  • The Moonument
  • Community Miniatures Bundle
  • Named Street Signs

Finally, if you also want the A3 Poster of the Mondplatz Map from this campaign, you will need to add it too. It can be found in the Artwork & Misc. category. 

The Community Miniatures

The Community Miniatures can only be chosen as Add-ons and not as part of a Pledge, this was originally not our plan, and we hope that it's not something that you'll be unhappy about. Had we only gone for 1 Community Miniature, it would have been different, but as it's 3 miniatures and they were added to the campaign quite late, it made things more complicated. 

The Community Miniatures can be added individually or as a bundle including all 3 at a discount. 

Dierk the Actor, Clotilde the Mother and Willi the Mad Fisherman (Work in Progress Render)

The Moonument

Nana, Sonny and I have talked a lot about the Moonument and we ultimately decided against having loose accessories for it. We went for a good amount of details on it, while still leaving room for more elements that you can add if you wish to do so. No extra accessories also keeps the price on the terrain piece down and it makes the production side of things more manageable too. 

All in all, we're very happy with how the Moonument turned out and for Nana and myself, it's a very fun and unique terrain element that we're really looking forward to including on our own table! 


Just as we have done with our last 2 campaigns, we are not including bases with the miniatures. In the Pledge Manager, you can choose to add one or more of the bases below. Please note that the 20mm Round Bases (This includes one of two available plastic variants) are for Kids and Pets miniatures, 25mm for regular sized miniatures and 40mm for the ogres. 

If you plan on using scenic bases, simply cut off the "Dunkeldorf base tab" before you glue them onto the base. 

Dunkeldorf Mugs

As mentioned in the previous update, we're offering a limited amount of the Dunkeldorf Mugs in the Pledge Manager. They're not super easy for us to ship and will increase the size of the box we need to use, which is why we have decided to make them limited. In addition to having a limited number available, they're also limited to one mug per backer.

No additional shipping expenses will be added if you add the mug to your pledge, as the shipping price has already been included in the listed price. The mugs are only available for Gold & All-in tier backers. 

Shipping & Estimated Delivery

At this stage, the production is going very well. We gave ourselves a bit more leeway for delivery this time, compared to our previous campaigns, but we're already quite confident that we'll be able to start shipping out sooner than our initial estimate. 

All packages will be shipped with tracking, and we'll tell more about all of this later on.

If you're moving soon, it won't cause any issues, as you can always update your address in the Pledge Manager. You are also more than welcome to send us a message here on Kickstarter, and we'll help out with updating it.  

Pledge Manager Deadline

We expect to keep the Pledge Manager open for about 6 weeks, and we'll give a specific date in the February Kickstarter update. 

After sending out this update, the BackerKit "Smoke Test" will be sent out. 5% of you will receive the Survey a bit sooner than everyone else, this is just to catch any potential problems or mistakes. 

Tomorrow the remaining surveys will be sent out. If you haven't received the survey e-mail within 48 hours, something has gone wrong and you should send us a message :) (Check the spam folder, just in case)

Phew! I think that covered everything! You are more than welcome to send us a message here on Kickstarter if you need help with anything or have questions. We'll be back with the next update in February! :)

- Nana & Nicki

Happy New Year!
over 1 year ago – Wed, Dec 28, 2022 at 11:42:15 PM

Hi everybody! 

This update comes a bit later than planned, as we've had a very busy December and the days seem to just fly by! 

We hope all of you have had a wonderful time with your loved ones during the holidays, and perhaps even had time for a bit of hobbying? ;) 

The Pledge Manager

As mentioned before, the Pledge Manager will be launched in early January. We don't know exactly when, as it depends on approval from BackerKit (Smoke test and things like that).

There's still a bit of work left as it's taking a lot of time, especially now that we're including everything from the 3 previous Dunkeldorf Kickstarters, but I'm getting there! 

The next update will be entirely dedicated to information about the Pledge Manager and all the relevant information will be mentioned in it. It'll contain important information, so try not to miss that one. 

Finished Sculpts and WIP

We have decided that all three Community Miniatures will be sculpted, as we are confident that it won't cause any delays. The goal is that all 3 are ready for to be shown in the Pledge Mannager once we launch it!

Christine van Patten who sculpted Bernadette the Toymaker has finished her second miniature for Dunkeldorf a few weeks ago, Anton the Minstrel! 

Sonny is busy working on the Moonument and the Community Miniatures. You can see some Work in Progress pictures below. There's still quite a lot missing on the Moonument in terms of details and accessories, but we thought we'd show you how it currently looks!

 We will tell more about the Moonument in the next update, the current plan is that it'll be a mix of loose accessories and accessories already being part of the piece, that way you can still customize it and make it your own. 

We'll be adding a little extra set, as seen below, to the Pledge Manager. This one will probably be a Kickstarter exclusive set that can be used for the Road Signs Set instead of the regular pointers. 

The First Casts

The metal production started earlier in December and even though we don't know the final numbers until after the Pledge Manager has launched, we decided to get the production started based on the minimum that we already know that we'll need. 

Before we closed down for the holidays, the first parcel arrived, with 2400 miniatures. Many thousands more to come, but everything's running smoothly and the metal production is already ahead of schedule. 

It may not look like much, but this is 6 boxes with 400 miniatures in each, a total of 2400!

We also received a new batch of test casts to approve, and all of them were perfect! 

I hate taking photos of the metal miniatures as they rarely do the casts justice, but for once I'm actually quite happy with the result. 

A few of the test casts

Give-Away Winners

We think it's about time we announced the winners of the "Community Miniature" give-away!

  • Paige
  • Steven Savvas
  • John - There may or may not be one or more backers of this campaign going by the "Kickstarter name" John, but we'll make sure that it reaches the right John ;) 

The winners will each receive one randomly chosen mug shown below. It will be shipped together with your pledges once we start shipping out!

We have also decided that this time, we'll be offering a limited amount of Dunkeldorf mugs in the Pledge Manager. As they're bit heavy to ship out, we're limiting it to a maximum of 1 mug per backer. 

There'll be a limited amount of them available to Gold & All-in tier backers only. 

Happy New Year!

We wish all of you a Happy New Year and we want to once more thank all of you for backing the Kickstarter. We're so happy with how the campaign turned out, and we can't wait for all of you to receive your pledges next year and to tell more about what we have planned for Dunkeldorf in 2023! 

We'll be back soon with another update and the launch of the Pledge Manager :)

- Nana & Nicki

Community Miniatures & Finished Sculpts
over 1 year ago – Fri, Dec 02, 2022 at 12:58:42 PM

Hi everybody! It's time for another Dunkeldorf update! 


Before we get to all the exciting pictures, a quick status on everything and some useful information. 

  • Most of the Stretch Goal miniatures are finished and have been sent for casting. 
  • The Pledge Manager will launch in early January - We're very busy in December and we don't want to rush getting it ready. 
  • In the Pledge Manager you can upgrade your pledge, choose add-ons & type in your shipping address. 
  • We'll dedicate a full update to all the information you need about the Pledge Manager before it's launched. 
  • We'll announce the Give-away winners from Update #3 in December's update! 

Finished Stretch Goal Miniatures

Sonny has been busy and has finished sculpted 7 of the Stretch Goal Miniatures! All of them can be seen below. I guess it's technically 8 miniatures when counting Prinz, Bibi's frog. 

The Mutant Kids - Bubi, Oli, Bibi & Prinz 

Bubi, Oli, Bibi & Prinz on 20mm Bases

Erna Hilgendorf the Astronomer

Konrad Schläfrig the Guard 

Konrad fits on the Stools, Benches & Chairs from our second Kickstarter "The Prancing Peacock". 

Adriana & Pescini

 Below you can see the pair next to Lorenzo, all three of them are getting a little drink before the search for their old pal Guidobaldo begins.  

The Community Miniatures

Christian recently finished drawing the final versions of the Community Characters. We ended up going for the three ideas that we mentioned in an update during the campaign, an actor, a pregnant peasant woman and a fisherman. We explored a few other ideas, but ultimately decided on these 3. 

Below are the 3 finished concepts of the Community Miniatures, their full stories and names aren't settled yet, but we'll get to that later on :D 

Thanks again for sharing your ideas, we hope that all of you will find one, or more of the characters interesting! 

The Actor

The suggestion was a down on his luck actor. The down on his luck part might not show so much here, but in the Dunkeldorf story, this is a man who's desperate to get back into the game and he'll go to great lengths to make sure that happens! 

The Mother

The pregnant woman! We loved the idea the moment we read it and it's something Nana and I have talked about before for Dunkeldorf and we are still planning on a Noble Pregnant Woman for our next campaign. This right here is the opposite version, a pregnant peasant who already has her hands full with several kids.

We figured that for a busy mother living in Dunkeldorf, the hustle and bustle of the streets and marketplaces during the Mond Festival isn't something she's overly excited about when going through her daily routines and grocery shopping. So this is a sort of "Oh let it be over soon.." moment. 

The Mad Fisherman

Right.. This one may perhaps be a bit different from what was originally suggested, but technically, it's still a fisherman! You'll want to stay clear of this guy if you venture towards the harbour district in Dunkeldorf, better stay clear of Sven and his gang of thugs there as well. Actually, it might be best if you just stay far away from that part of town. 

As previously mentioned, we are with 100% certainty including 2 of the characters above! We have already grown quite attached to all three, but we can't say for sure that there's time to include all three of them, so we'd love to hear your top 3 based on the characters above!

The Actor - The Mother - The Mad Fisherman

That's it for now, we'll be back with another update next month!

- Nana & Nicki

Day 8 - All-in Pledge Added!
over 1 year ago – Tue, Nov 29, 2022 at 04:49:51 AM

Hi everybody! We have now entered the final 24 hours of the campaign! 

We'll post a short update tomorrow, and then we'll have a few days of rest. It has been a bit more hectic running a campaign over just 8 days compared to the usual 20+ days as we've previously done. 

It has however been a lot of fun for us to do things differently, and we hope all of you have enjoyed the campaign. We will of course continue to write updates even after the campaign has ended, we have  more stories to tell, miniatures to show and then there's the Community Miniatures too! So even though the campaign is ending, we're not done yet ;) 

Day 8 Unlocks

These are the final unlocks of the campaign! 

First we have the alternative versions of two of Bernadette's popular stuffed toys. These two Royal versions are different from the ones included in the "Bernadette's Toys" set. 

The final Unlock of the Kickstarter is the "Moonument", read more about the name in the graphics below ;)

The Moonument was created to celebrate the first ever Mond Festival, and it's a tradition for many Dunkeldorfians, and visitors to leave a little token, a note or to simply light a candle there during the festival celebrations. Details about the piece will be available before the Pledge Manager launches, but it will be relatively big, cast in resin and most likely be in 2 or 3 pieces, maybe with loose accessories included too (That last part is undecided, as it increases the price. We may want to hear what all of you think about that first)

Free Stretch Goals

Here's an overview of the unlocked Stretch Goals for the Gold Pledge (I cheated a bit and added the Ghartek Portrait in the middle, as it made the picture look much better - That portrait was included to begin with). 

The 4 miniatures will of course be of your own choosing, but this was a good opportunity to show 4 of the Stretch Goal Miniatures that Sonny has finished sculpting! 

The All-in Pledge

The All-in Pledge is now up! If you're interested in going All-in, you can change to this pledge now, or do it in the Pledge Manager later on. 

The All-in pledge counts as an Early Bird pledge, which means that the Feathered Fiend of Dunkeldorf Set is included for free. All of the free Gold Stretch Goals are included in the All-in pledge as well. 

Here's a list of what's included:

  • 16 Miniatures (All of the new miniatures from this campaign, with the exception of the upcoming Community Miniatures)
  • The Notice Board
  • Road Signs
  • Street Lanterns
  • Schmutz the Gong Farmer Dog
  • Bibi's Mutant Frog "Prinz"
  • Bernadette's Toys
  • The Feathered Fiend of Dunkeldorf Set (Early Bird)
  • 3 A5 Art Prints (Ghartek, Max & Erna)
  • 5 Accessories
The Feathered Fiend of Dunkeldorf (Set of 3)

Note that the Moonument is not included in the All-in, as we currently do not know what the price will be. You will be able to add it in the Pledge Manager instead :)

The Community Miniatures

We'll have more information about the Community Miniatures soon, and we're just saying "miniatures" now, because we've already grown quite attached to some of the ideas, so I can't imagine that we won't include at least 2 of them as miniatures. 

We have started working on some of the characters and Christian is actually working on the initial sketches and thumbnails today as we explore different poses and options for some of the ideas that we like the most. 

Thanks again for all your ideas! More information about the winners of the give-away coming in a future update as well as more information and pictures of the progress on the Community Miniatures. 

That's it for now, we'll be back again tomorrow with a short update! 

- Nana & Nicki