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Day 7 - Max the Florist
over 1 year ago – Wed, Nov 16, 2022 at 12:39:58 PM

Hi everybody!

As we're busy preparing the All-in pledges, taking photos and working on the Community Miniature(s) this will be a short update. First the Daily Unlocks and then a short story about Max the Florist, written by Mark Warren and finally a bit of relevant information about the All-In Pledge being added tomorrow. 

Day 7 Unlocks

Christian Schwager has JUST finished this wonderful illustration, and all Silver & Gold Backers now receive a total of 3 Coloured A5 Art Prints with their pledges. Christian really outdid himself with the illustration and it's just amazing to look at. 

The final member of Lorenzo Gonzaga's group, Adriana the Enforcer. Lorenzo, Johann & Adriana are in Dunkeldorf to settle a debt with an old friend who has recently resurfaced. But it might turn out not to be a very pleasant reunion for their friend

Max the Florist

Max removed his articulated claw and cleansed it with fresh water. He smiled absently. Digging in his flowerpots always brightened his days. The scent of fresh soil and fragrant flowers filled the room as he re-strapped his claw in place and gathered the roses that he had cut fresh just this morning. The Mond Festival was in full bloom and so were his ladies. The roses and lilies were perfect, but the daisies and tulips needed a while to grow before their third harvest of the year.

Sculpted by Sonny Bundgaard & Painted by Nana Kronmark

Max covered the scar on his face with his hair, adjusted his eye patch so as not to put off his customers, and found his usual corner. “Flowers! Fresh cut flowers! Make your mother smile, your lover swoon, or woo The One of your dreams. Fresh roses, the color of love! Flowers! Fresh cut flowers!”

Max's Character Portrait by Christian Schwager

Max was wounded at the Battle of the Bend when his prize artillery piece Griselda, an organ gun of his own design, finally gave way and blew off the top of a hill. Max survived, but just barely. Since that fateful day, he cannot bear the smell of powder and will not go near a machine of war. He fills his days now tending to his flowers and selling them on the corners of Dunkeldorf. 

Concept by Christian Schwager

 Some days he forgets things, and it is rare that he remembers a customer he has met less than thrice, but none of those things matter now. Only the beautiful floral bunches, the smiles of happy customers, and the musical jangle of coins in his purse.

40ish Hours Left!

We're working on the All-in Pledge, which is being added tomorrow. You will be able to upgrade to this pledge in the Pledge Manager as well, but should you wish to do it here on Kickstarter, then you'll have the opportunity to do so for the last 24 hours of the campaign. 

The All-in Pledge won't be up before tomorrow, but here's some information about it nonetheless. Stretch Goals are included in these points below, and the price is of course based on what's already included for free with the Gold Coin Pledge. 

The All-in pledge also counts as an Early Bird pledge, which means that the Feathered Fiend of Dunkeldorf Set is included for free.

  • 16 Miniatures (All of the new miniatures from this campaign, with the exception of the upcoming Community Miniatures)
  • The Notice Board
  •  Road Signs 
  • Street Lanterns
  • Schmutz the Gong Farmer Dog
  • Bibi's Mutant Frog "Prinz"
  • Bernadette's Toys
  • The Feathered Fiend of Dunkeldorf Set (Early Bird)
  • 3 A5 Art Prints (Ghartek, Max & Erna)
  • 5 Accessories (The 2 being revealed in tomorrow's unlocks)

Our plan is that the All-in Pledge will be up tomorrow around 11:00 CET, at the 24 hours remaining mark. But we'll mention it again in tomorrow's update as a reminder :)

We'll be back tomorrow with the final Unlocks of the campaign and another update!

- Nana & Nicki

Thank you!
over 1 year ago – Tue, Nov 15, 2022 at 01:15:27 AM

Hi everybody!

Wow, what a great first day so far! Thank you all so much for the support! We’re so excited for another Dunkeldorf campaign and we hope that we can make it exciting for all of you to be part of as well. 

As mentioned on the campaign page, we’re doing stretch goals differently this time (The end result will be the same though). We will reveal UNLOCKED goals on a daily basis. These unlocks are based on the overall funding of the campaign, which means that today we have already unlocked a great deal that we'll show in the coming days!

We had originally planned on 2 unlocks today, but as things are going incredibly well already, we thought that we would go ahead and reveal two more for today! Below you can see these four Day 1 Unlocks if you haven't seen them on the campaign page yet. 

Johann Pescini is Lorenzo Gonzaga's hot-headed enforcer, both of them recently came to Dunkeldorf in search of an old "friend" rumoured to be hiding in the town.  We'll get back to them later on in the campaign. 

Erna is visiting Dunkeldorf for the second time to study the Blood Moon phenomenon and she's concerned that the event may not exactly be cause for celebration. More about Erna later on in the campaign as well! 

Bubi lives in the sewers of Dunkeldorf, forced to a life in hiding. It doesn't seem to concern him much though. We'll tell more about Bubi and his friends later on in the campaign too. 

And the final unlock for Day 1, a new addition to the Gong Farmer Family from our 2 previous Kickstarters, Schmutz the Gong Farmer Dog! A trusted, albeit very smelly companion who does his best to help his family with their daily work. 

The idea for Schmutz came from one of Nana's childhood stories. She and her parents sometimes went to a local fisherman and bought fresh fish. The fisherman had this ragged dog, and whenever he had finished gutting the fish he would basically use the dog as a towel to wipe his hands "clean", which resulted in an incredibly smelly dog with questionable fur. Nana's mom wasn't too pleased about her daughter petting his unfortunate dog, that's for sure. 

A happy family!

The add-on section will be updated with Schmutz tomorrow :D

Stretch Goal Status

With this amazing first day, we have already unlocked a lot of the goals that we were aiming for and we'll have plenty of unlocked goals to show in the days to come! 

Based on the Day 1 unlocks, all Gold Backers will now receive 3 additional miniatures and Silver Backers will receive 1 additional miniature. There will be more freebies for both pledges as the campaign goes on and more add-ons too!

The Early Bird Pledges: 

The Early Bird pledges are only available for the first 24 hours of the campaign and includes the Feathered Fiend of Dunkeldorf set. We have noticed that a few of you have taken a regular pledge instead of the Early Bird, if you did this by mistake, you can still switch to the Early Bird pledge instead, so you don't miss out on the bonus miniatures :) 

We'll be back tomorrow with another update and the Day 2 Unlocks! And we're very excited to be announcing news about the Community Miniature(s?) on Day 3 of the campaign! :D 

Thank you all again for your support ❤️ 

- Nana & Nicki